A fresh, new medical communications agency built on experience, innovation and partnership

A niche, boutique agency providing a blend of traditional and leading-edge services through an experienced and dedicated team

We are:

Our Commitments to You:



We will not oversell our capabilities or staffing



Our pitch team will be your day-to-day team, with senior management involved too


Your work will always
be our priority

Market Leading

Market Leading

We will stay ahead of changing regulations, market trends, and new technology

Fair Price

Fair Price

Our pricing will be competitive and fair

Medical Communications Strategy and Delivery



Expert review of existing publication plans

Co-creation of new strategic publication plans


Writing, editing, styling, graphics/infographics, quality control

Author liaison, compliance, project management


Establish KPIs up-front and continuously monitor

Increase reach of data and maximise ROI


Potential uses of AI within publication plan to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Medical Affairs

Meetings & Events

Advisory boards


Speaker training

Investigator meetings

Scientific Platforms

Strategic pillars

Scientific statements

Narrative and lexicon

Training Materials

Slide decks




Competitive Grants

Steering committee liaison

Publicity, management, and administration

Environmental, Social, Governance, and Information Security



Net zero

Waste and recycling


Diversity, equality, and inclusion


Employee support





Information Security

Data privacy and safeguarding

Information governance

Quality management

About Us: Our Origin Story

Galanthus Scientific Group

Our strategic pillars:

Together, we’ll share our energy, deep knowledge, and capabilities to help your team shine even brighter

What’s in a name?

Galanthus nivalis (snowdrop) is the first flower of spring and symbolizes our consistent ability to be out front as market leaders, our commitment to look afresh at each challenge, and communicates our excitement for what’s to come with our client partnerships

Where emerging ideas meet enduring impact

Leadership Team

Abegale Templar, PhD, CMPP

Scientific Services
Abegale Templar
21+ years experience
A scientific communications leader who develops outstanding content to solve communication challenges. Abegale promotes high-quality, enduring scientific content that fully engages the audience
  • Publications
  • Medical affairs
  • Meetings & events
  • Competitive grants
  • Environmental, social, & governance

Alex Torre-Tasso

Client Partnership
Alex Torre-Tasso
A strategic and analytical leader who specializes in superior long-term client relationships. Alex is quick to understand client challenges and find novel, impactful solutions
  • Publications
  • Medical affairs
  • Meetings & events
  • Competitive grants
  • Environmental, social, & governance

Kevin Wheatley

Business Operations
Kevin Wheatley
An inspiring and enthusiastic leader who focuses on people, processes, and performance. Kevin is passionate about promoting creativity, innovation, and excellence
  • Publications
  • Medical affairs
  • Meetings & events
  • Competitive grants
  • Environmental, social, & governance
Medical affairs
Meetings & events
Competitive grants
Environmental, social, & governance

Our Ethical Values

At Galanthus Scientific Group, all directors, employees, consultants, contractors, clients, and suppliers are treated equally, with kindness and respect. Based on our values, we actively encourage inclusive, collaborative working practices where we deliver excellence together.

We hold ourselves to high standards of fairness, ethical governance, and integrity within the company, and in how we interact with our partners and vendors.

In our decision making and the services we provide, we live our values every day to respect human rights. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, or harassment in any form, and we fully support all initiatives aimed to end modern slavery and human trafficking.

We’re committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities by making mindful, greener choices about our energy use, equipment, supplies, and travel.

We value each other and the planet. As we grow, our ethical values will evolve, and we welcome feedback from our partners to help us continue to improve.